Applying finish details is still in the future of the Castle, but they are very much in my thoughts.  This fall, I attended the intercollegiate iron pour at Salem Art Works, in Salem, New York.  While there, I was invited to come to Alfred University’s Halloween metal pour “Meltdown.”  The invitation came from Coral Lambert (Head of the Sculpture department) and my friend Paige Henry (Foundry Technician).  This was a great opportunity to start the production of some of those details.

These photographs show the progression of drawing, to a positive model, then the making of a sand mold, and finally pouring liquid metal into that mold and the result.


Scale drawing for Castle motto


Positive model on base board, preparing to pour sand mold


Finished cast of lower section of mold


Lower section inverted, being prepared for casting upper section of mold


Both sections shown, open clamshell style


Both sections closed together


Sections banded, pouring port and vent installed


Mold open showing cast piece (inverted)

The experience at the National Casting Center at Alfred University was fabulous; Professor Lambert and Paige Henry run a special operation.  Their knowledge, energy, and support was evident in all of the preparations for the event, and their interactions with the students and alumni participating.  Coordinating this pour with multiple furnaces, and myriad tasks, all needs were met, and safety paramount.  Very impressive. Other than some concrete details cast into the Castle’s foundation, I had not cast anything since I was a boy, and then it was plaster or lead.  Paige Henry guided and instructed me from the model stage to completion.  Thanks to all at “Meltdown,” including the numerous participants that welcomed, and helped me there!

You can see a video of the pouring of this piece here.

And here you can see a video shot in 2013 0f the main event at Alfred’s Halloween iron pour,”Meltdown.”

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