Tarleton Castle has been under construction since 2004. We are making great progress, though we still have much work to complete.

Throughout Tarleton, we have built small studios to house the facilities to create the art we wished to, and need to, make. Additional studios for ceramics, glass, printmaking and more are created when required to fit the needs of the participants. Outdoor kilns and furnaces, and sheds for fabrication. Spaces that fit and interact with the forest around them.

One enters the castle through the formal entrance, nestled in the fold between the tower base and the conventional part of the structure. Climbing a short stair, you step through an arched doorway. Inside there is a fountain on your left, its sound makes you pause. Fountains have the power to put you in the moment, the movement of water is a part of our physical make-up, and it invites contemplation. Above the fountain are the balustrade and a glimpse of the space beyond.

If you have building or artistic expertise you’d like to contribute, please contact us! Here is a video of the build progress from 2004 until now:

tarleton castle sketch
the castle

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