youth tile workshopMake an art tile for permanent installation on Tarleton Castle Arts’ new sculpture path! Plus one to take home! Ages 7-14. $20 fee covers both days and all materials.


cobb concrete sculpture workshopThese week-long workshops provide an excellent opportunity to make a piece for permanent installation in TCA’s sculpture ArtTrail. The TCA ArtTrail will be an ongoing effort of participating artists and surrounding communities, consisting of bas-reliefs, walls, columns, grottos, bridges, stand-alone pieces and more. The trail will wind among the Castle complex and the woods of the TCA grounds.

Cob is an ancient building material consisting of clay, sand, and chopped straw, mixed with water to a workable consistency. When the local soil was a natural mixture of clay and sand, that was utilized. We will use cob as a mold medium to cast concrete sculptures.

Because of its mass, workability, and low cost, Cob is an ideal choice for creating forms for concrete. The
combination of the two gives the opportunity to create sculptures at a modest cost. To create pieces for the TCA ArtTrail, we will fabricate simple, one-part molds using bunks of log and/or scrap wood.

The sculptures will be retained by TCA as a permanent installation. A full description of the workshop schedule, materials provided, and other details are included. We will have stockpiled soil, straw, and logs cut into various lengths (with lapped end joints) so that we can quickly assemble log bunks to fill with cob. Then the cob can be sculpted as a negative, and a metal armature fashioned and suspended from poles to reinforce the pour.

The goal of these workshops is to bring together a group of artists who will create their own design from cast concrete. It is an opportunity for artists to cast a significant piece and place it in the landscape of the Tarleton Castle property for viewing by everyone that visits. This will be an annual event to allow artists to experience and contribute to TCA.

Workshop Materials

Materials include up to:

  • 500 lbs. cob
  • 300 lbs. concrete
  • 20 ft. Rebar
  • 10 sq. ft. Mesh

Workshop Equipment

All equipment and tools needed for success are on site:

  • 65C Stone 6 cubic foot mixer
  • 3/4 HP concrete vibrator
  • Kubota backhoe w/loader and forks
  • Wheelbarrows
  • 9500 lb. winch
  • Power and hand tools

Workshop Meals

Workshop includes all meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
We will be making healthy vegetarian meals (with a few cookouts thrown in for those needing a carnivorous intake).
Let us know if you need gluten-free or other special dietary needs.

Workshop Cost

7-day Workshop:


About $40 per day, including meals.

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