The Tarleton Castle Arts residency program is an opportunity to participate in the construction of Tarleton Castle, its studios and grounds, and the creation of permanent installation of sculpture. There is no application fee. However, there is a $225 program fee upon acceptance.

All interns will help in construction and with cooking and maintenance. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to create a large-scale sculpture for permanent installation on TCA’s sculpture trail. Think BIG!


Interns will be provided with board, a tent site, and a supportive environment to work, create and learn. Each will contribute to the construction of the Castle, its studios, and grounds, help facilitate workshops, as well as assist with cooking and maintenance. Generally, each participant will log 32 hours per week with those duties. Beyond that, each artist will be given time and materials to create a large-scale sculpture of Ferrocement for permanent installation on TCA’s sculpture trail.

All applicants must be 18 years of age, or older, and carry medical insurance.

Please be aware that this residency is of a rustic nature. You will be supplied with a tent site, healthy vegetarian meals (carnivores can cook themselves hot dogs or burgers on an outdoor grill).

You will be assisting in the construction of TCA’s buildings and infrastructure and committing 32 hours of work to that effort. All residents will help in cooking and housekeeping. In the remaining time, each artist will be free to work in their sculpture piece or to sample the beautiful trails and swimming holes in our region.

TCA will supply the materials to build your piece for the sculpture trail and assist you to the best of our ability. Your participation will not only help TCA grow but will define it for the future!


SUMMER 2020 – July 5 – 25, 2020
COST: $225**

*to accommodate other commitments there will be some flexibility on start and end dates
**fees not due until acceptance into program has been confirmed by TCA administaration.





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    With this residency, we are offering an opportunity to create a large-scale Ferrocement piece for permanent installation on TCA’s new sculpture path. Please tell us if you have worked with cement before, and how:


    Would you be interested in collaborating on a major piece with your fellow art residents?

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