Tarleton Castle Pioneer Residency Program

The Tarleton Castle Arts residency program is an opportunity to participate in the construction of Tarleton Castle, its studios and grounds, and the creation of permanent installation of sculpture. Each session is a 3-week program.


COST: $225**

*to accommodate other commitments there will be some flexibility on start and end dates
** fees not due until participants have received acceptance notification from TCA

Our intention is not only to provide studio opportunities, but to give each artist a chance to contribute their ideas, designs, and artwork to the very construction of TCA’s campus. Artists that participate at this stage will be in on the “ground floor”, and will shape the development of the physical environment and philosophy of what TCA will become in the future. These artists will demonstrate the artistic needs that TCA will strive to fulfill.

We believe that connecting 3D artists with building arts not only gives them a chance to enhance their constructive skills, but also expands their ability to showcase their art beyond the form of an individual sculpture.

Castle Construction 2016 2


Tarleton Castle is the center of TCA, its construction began in 2004. It is a post and beam structure with a 75’ tall tower. Designed by our founder, it will become a canvas for the input of many artists, each adding architectural details including, columns, lamps, bas-reliefs, doors, gargoyles and much more. TCA’s studios, scattered throughout the woods, will include many mediums.

TCA is located in the White Mountain Region of Northern New Hampshire, only minutes away from swimming holes and trails, including some of the most beautiful and challenging sections of the Appalachian Trail. TCA is a fledgling operation, rustic in character, and a place to reflect and create.

All interns will help in construction and with cooking and maintenance. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to create a large-scale sculpture for permanent installation on TCA’s sculpture trail. Think BIG!

the castle


Interns will be provided with board, a tent site, and a supportive environment to work, create and learn. Each will contribute to the construction of the Castle, its studios and grounds, help facilitate workshops, as well as assist with cooking and maintenance. Generally, each participant will log 32 hours per week with those duties. Beyond that, each artist will be given time and materials to create a large-scale sculpture of Ferrocement for permanent installation on TCA’s sculpture trail.

tim dailey
pioneer resident Eliot

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