In an age where many things are handed to us on a platter, pre-packaged, unalterable, take-it-or-leave-it, we counter by making things “interactive”.  We design websites and products in an attempt to engage the “user”.  Tarleton Castle has become interactive, through those who came and saw its value, and how it would become a center for the arts.

I saw a cartoon yesterday that showed a “children at play” caution sign, below it was four kids, each deeply engrossed in their own phones and tablets.  In the background lay disused playground equipment.  The inventive human brain conceived the computer and its derivatives, but our hands built it.  Few activities are as satisfying as the process of thought/design/build, envision, and then create.  I believe that is what is making Tarleton Castle come to form and come to life.

Our 2015 season is coming to life now, we are making plans for the short northern building season.  In addition to making our organization a formal one, we are converting our barn’s lower level to be a visitor’s center, and flexible, studio/gallery space.  The center will feature a diorama of the castle, outbuildings, and grounds as it will become, as well as drawings and displays of its structure and details.  It will also provide a space for the display of artists’ work.  Here visitors and volunteers can see what their hands can do to create the castle.  As a sculpture, and as an environment for fostering, producing, and relating to art.

Hands-on we can use your help this year.  Check this message for dates on our volunteer weekends, there are things to do for all “hands”. We also are participating in our town’s 250th anniversary and will represent the castle as part of the town’s future.


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