Tarleton Castle from Structure to Organization

How can we bring the structure that I have been working on for ten years to completion?  How can we help it to become an entity, a foundation for the arts?  Can an Appalachian thru-hiker help?

In January of 2014, my friend Jenn Wallace (also an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker) was excited, as one of her hiking buddies was traveling north to New Hampshire.  Their plan was a winter ascent of Mount Washington (claimed to have “The worst weather on earth”).  I met Kristin just before that event and was impressed with her intelligence, drive, and determination.

In the fall of 2014, Jenn informed me that Kristin was seeking meaningful work for the winter.  Would she volunteer at the castle?  After brief negotiations, it seemed that she would indeed.  In the few months that Kristin was here, she endured our very cold accommodations, helped cook and keep house, played her mandolin with friends, in short, she fit right in.  Most importantly she hammered us into an organization, fledgling yes, but a solid start.  She helped select our preliminary board, created this website and blog, made countless documents and charts, held meetings, and asked the right questions.  She was the professional face of Tarleton Castle.

From the moment she came we knew that she would depart in the spring.  Her plan has been to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border north to just over the Canadian border.  She is just about the start that journey.  You can enjoy descriptions and photos of Kristin’s many hikes on her excellent blog www.wayfarer.me which will feature her PCT hike as it unfolds.  Subscribe to her blog and let her know you support her goals.  Thank you again, Kristin and happy trails!!

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